28 June, 2019 all-day

Safety Technologies Afrika is a leading training organization whose main interest is to push for improvement in awareness on Occupational Health and Safety issues in Southern Africa. The year 2018 saw the birth of the annual Safety Leadership Workshop and this year’s workshop is running under the theme OHS Law: A pillar to achieving zero harm. This workshop aims at improving safety and health performance in Zimbabwe through increasing awareness of Occupational Health and Safety Law as a means to achieve Zero Harm.

Safety leadership is defined as the process of interaction between leaders and followers, through which leaders can exert their influence on followers to achieve organizational safety goals. The feature of this definition that often confuses people is the concept of leaders and followers. Too often, the terms ‘leadership’ and ‘management’ are used interchangeably. The problem here is that many do not recognize the critical differences between these roles and the vital functions of each in building strong safety performance. Specifically, managers exist as part of the organization’s structural hierarchy and exert formal influence over their subordinates, while leadership is a voluntary activity by which an individual exerts social influence over coworkers by setting an example of appropriate behavior to elicit shared goals and effect positive change in the organization. One individual can be both a manager and a leader, but this only occurs through conscious effort to effectively perform both roles. The misconception that safety leadership refers only to those in top management is far-reaching.

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