Environmental Impact Assessment

Environmental Impact Assesment

Safety Technologies Afrika is a registered Environmental Impact Assessment consultant company with Environmental Management Agency. Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is an assessment of the possible impacts that a proposed project may have on the environment, consisting of the environmental, social and economic aspects. This process is proactive and ensures that environmental issues are included in the project management. Proponents will make decisions, taking into account for environmental values in their decisions and to justify those decisions in light of detailed environmental studies and public comments on potential environmental impacts. The Government of Zimbabwe gazetted the Environmental Management Act in 2002 and S.I 7 of 2007 (Environmental Impact Assessment and Ecosystems Protection) which compels prescribed projects listed under the first schedule of the EMA Act (Cap 20:27) to undergo an EIA process prior to implementation. The projects that require an EIA are listed in the First Schedule of the Environmental Management Act.

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