Your employees are your biggest asset, they are the ones who get the required work done to meet production targets and to ensure that your organization can meet all its objectives. As Safety Technologies Afrika, we offer our services to organizations of all sizes to ensure that as the employer you provide a safe working environment for your employees to boost their morale. Our Industrial Hygiene services go a long way in making sure that you stay in the good books of regulatory bodies through compliance and performance monitoring. We do this through emission surveys, noise surveys, ventilation surveys, ergonomics surveys and occupational dust surveys.

Industrial hygiene encompasses a broad spectrum of the working environment and is about anticipating, recognizing, evaluating then eliminating or controlling workplace conditions that may cause any harm to the workers. We do worksite analyses to identify and measure workplace hazards that can cause sickness, impaired health and significant discomfort in workers through chemical, physical, biological and ergonomic exposures. Chemical hazards can be solid, liquid or gas. These can be of danger to the worker if inhaled, absorbed or ingested. Physical hazards include exposure to excessive levels of ionizing and non-ionizing radiation, noise, vibration, illumination and extreme temperatures (hot or cold). Biological hazards include bacteria, viruses and fungi which are very common in the food processing industry and laboratories. Ergonomic hazards include but are not limited to lifting, holding, pushing and walking. They are mainly a result of changes such as adding specialized tasks, increased repetition and also result from poorly designed job tasks. Each and every industry has its fair share of the above -mentioned hazards and it is our duty to assist you. Safety Technologies Afrika will determine the degree of worker risk for you and depending on the magnitude and duration of exposure provide you with appropriate solutions.

Effective measuring and monitoring of these occupational stressors helps detect the extent of worker exposure which is very critical in coming up with ways to control these hazards. The benefits of a well-designed ergonomic work environment with clean air and suitable temperatures include increased efficiency, fewer accidents, lower operating costs and more effective use of personnel. Get in touch with us for more information.