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Why Train With Us?

Training on Occupational Safety, Health and the Environment is a very effective way of building a safety culture amongst employees in the workplace. We offer a wide range of tailored or specific training sessions to suit your individual learning needs. These training sessions will help your organization with an effective management system and you will enjoy business benefits such as greater efficiency and improved quality. This will result in high productivity and high customer satisfaction as well.

As an organization, having demonstrated your commitment to quality, you will maintain good relations with legislative and compliance bodies. Whether you want training on international standards or other short courses, we got you covered. We have a variety of options to suit your needs. We offer training by class which can be a class of people from different organizations or it can be in-house training for one organization. Alternatively, we have self-study courses for those who can’t attend class because they may be busy or for any other reason.

Our Methodology

PECB Based Training

Our organization is accredited by PECB and other international bodies to offer training on international standards and these are ISO45001-Occupational Safety and Health, ISO9001-Quality Management, ISO14001-Environmental Management and ISO22000- Food Safety Management. We offer Foundational Courses, Lead Auditor, Lead Implementer and Senior Lead Implementer for the above-mentioned standards. The short courses for PECB include Root Cause Analysis and Accident Investigation.

Training By Class

The training sessions that we offer are open to individuals who have the zeal to develop professionally, become instruments in promoting OHS and become environmental stewards around the globe. Such individuals can register with us and become part of a class giving them the opportunity to network. Organizations who also want to send their managers or employees for training can register with us as well. All our training sessions are engaging and interactive. This gives trainees the opportunity to ask questions and air their opinions. Reference is constantly made to what happens in the field and practical examples are given as well. This makes it easy for the trainees to relate to what happens at their workplaces and also it makes it easy to apply theory. If as an organization you do not want to discuss your internal affairs with outsiders, we are here to offer our services.

In-house Training

In-house training sessions are facilitations of learning for employees led by the company, be it new courses or refresher courses. We offer in-house training and recommend it if you want to have more than one employee or manager trained. The major benefit of in-house training is its flexibility. As an organization, you can outline your desired outcomes of the training and we will implement training that will address your specific needs. Other than customized training, in-house training also fosters team building and better working relationships. Should you ever require the services of an external training company to deliver an in-house training course on site or off site on your behalf, please contact us and we will get back to you.


Do you want to attain certificates for career advancement and yet find yourself not being able to leave the office even for a single day? Not to worry! We have self-study courses that you can register for. The beauty of technology is that it creates an interconnected society where the intellectual needs of individuals can be met easily. You can develop professionally without affecting your work since you can do this at your own pace without attending class. Other than being convenient, self-study boosts your self-esteem since you do it without direct supervision.

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